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It gives you the accounting advice you need so that your project can grow organically. Through our experts you will be able to receive the appropriate indications and recommendations for better accounting management.

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions, they knew that in order to succeed in this era of technology their accounting systems needed to be much more robust than what they are.

Services provided:

  • Comprehensive accounting advice at all stages and times necessary.
  • Accounting management.
  • Accounting analysis and diagnosis.
  • Annual presentation of accounts.
  • Preparation of minutes and / or certifications with the country’s institutions.
  • Assistance in the opening and closing of accounting years.
  • Analytical accounting.
  • Preparation, monitoring and budget control.
  • Treasury forecasts.

And much more…

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Bureaucracy is always complicated and if you don’t master the language it makes everything even more difficult. I think it is almost mandatory to have a service like that of CometoGibraltar if you want to reach new markets, polyglot team, professional and prepared.

Peter Hounsou
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

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