This is an option for those who plan to work actively in Gibraltar as Employed/Self-Employed individuals and spend at least 183 days within Gibraltar.

Individuals wishing to take up an economic activity in Gibraltar should and intending to set up in businesses should contact the Commercial Director of the Department of Trade and Industry in the first instance. Those seeking to take up employment should approach the Employment and Training Board.

Visas to enter Gibraltar will not be authorised unless it can be established that there is a genuine intention and ability to set up a business. In the same way a visa for a person intending to take up employment will not be authorised unless the Employment and Training Board confirms that there would be no objection in principle to the issue of a work permit.




Residency permits are normally issued for a maximum period of one year and are renewed annually provided the Immigration Authorities are satisfied that there has been no material change of circumstances. Residency documentation will have a renewable validity of 5 years although a civilian registration card will be issued for 12 months in the first instance.

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