Saving and investing money is central to most people’s financial planning. However, many find this a difficult and complex area. Lack of the correct investment strategy, the inappropriate choice of investments, and lack of monitoring of investments commonly lead to disappointment. At COMETOGIBRALTAR we believe that choosing the right investment strategy is fundamental to investment success. With this in mind we have developed our own distinctive investment philosophy and market leading investment management service, both of which are provided through our Wealthbuilder savings and investment plan and the range of pension plans we advise on.

Our investment philosophy is based on certain core principles and the belief that investors’ interests are best served by capturing the returns that investment markets provide:

  • As simply and cheaply as possible.
  • In a way that avoids many aspects of investment risk that are, in our opinion, unnecessary and unrewarded.

We believe that investing successfully does not have to rely on luck, speculation or particular market timing. Our approach is logical and factual based on how investment markets actually work over the lifetime of your investment.


COMETOGIBRALTAR provides expert, trustworthy, and totally independent financial planning and investment advice. We help our clients to plan and organise their finances effectively so that, quite simply they can live better.

To provide financial advice we naturally need to understand our clients, their objectives and priorities. Like doctors we cannot treat on the basis of a hasty or casual diagnosis. We are diligent and spend time with our clients.

We always confirm our financial advice in writing and in detail before any commitment is entered into. We are only too aware that the financial commitments our clients make into investments and pensions may be significant, and that they may not be on familiar or comfortable ground. We aim to help them every step of the way.

We believe that what people want and need are financial planning solutions that are:

  • Straightforward.
  • Low cost.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Above all, can be depended upon to deliver the intended results.

Our professional advice and support is designed to ensure that your finances are correctly planned and organised, that you are in control of your financial planning, and that you meet your financial objectives.

Our advisers are qualified to UK professional standards and our advice is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission due to our membership of the Nexus Global Network that gives COMETOGIBRALTAR the relevant permissions to provide financial advice across the EU for locals and ex-pats.


We offer a comprehensive range of financial planning services to businesses including (but not limited to):

  • Advice on how to establish a new pension scheme – types of scheme available, design of contribution and benefit structure, employer and employee tax considerations, scheme investment and administration choices, etc.
  • Reviews of existing pension schemes – cost competitiveness, investment and administration performance. Advice on pension scheme restructuring.
  • Advice on how to discontinue pension schemes (scheme wind up).
  • Employee financial counselling and education on pension benefits – both during the accumulation stage whilst working and when scheme benefits are taken on retirement. 
  • Employee financial counselling on redundancy.
  • Advice and provision of other employee benefits, e.g. death in service life insurance schemes, critical illness and long term sickness and disability insurance schemes.
  • Partner/shareholder protection and business exit planning.
  • Risk assessment and provision of “key man” insurance arrangements.
  • Advice and support to senior employees and their families following international relocation to or from Gibraltar.
  • Advice and support to widows, dependents and family following employee bereavement.




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