About us

You have been thinking about expanding to new, more attractive markets for a long time, you know its benefits and the successes it can generate for your company, but you end up giving up due to the thousand doubts that a new jurisdiction and its bureaucracy can generate.

We could show you an infinite list of companies that have lost their best opportunity to grow and maximize profits due to ignorance of foreign jurisdictions and, also, totally unfounded fears.

To remedy this situation, and providing a new horizon full of opportunities for companies, CometoGibraltar was born: a strategy consulting service specialized in the expansion of companies to the Gibraltar market.


Mission and values


Our mission, therefore, is for you to benefit from the magnificent advantages that operating in Gibraltar offers without having to worry about complying with the complex jurisdictions involved and ensuring a good reputation for your company.

We are experts in international expansion thanks to our consultants who, in addition to speaking the languages of the territory fluently, are experts in the rules and regulations of Gibraltar.

By training periodically, our consultants are always up to date with all legislative developments that may affect the normal operation of your company and your reputation.

In our daily work we consider these three main values:

  • Discretion. It is an essential value that many of our current clients appreciate very positively.
  • Commitment. Due to our alignment with the interests of our clients, we managed to offer guarantees throughout the process.
  • Security. Without the first two, we cannot guarantee the third pillar, which is the tranquillity of being in good hands, a pillar backed by our crowd of clients.


Our clients & Succesful cases

As we have explained previously, our clients come to us for the agility and security that we offer them. They need trusted professionals to help them get rid of the bureaucratic burden that arises when managing an international presence so that they can focus on what they know how to do better: grow their projects.

Here is a real success story.